Your spine is made of 24 movable segments that protect your brain’s communication with your body.  When the spine works normally you can bend freely, feel relaxed, and think clearly. Problems in your spine can feel subtle, making your body feel tight and restricted, similar to rust on a joint.  Some problems in your spine can feel sharp and disabling like an electric shock going down your leg. Both of these sensations can come from abnormal function in the spine. The variety in sensation is one of the reasons you should have spine examined at least once a year.   

Functional Correction is the unique analysis that shows markers of problems in your spine such as abnormal muscle patterns or inflammation.  Correction of these issues improves nerve communication so that your brain and spine are on the same page.

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Problems in the spine can be costly, time consuming, and painful the longer you wait to have your spine checked out.  Call today for a free consultation. It’s a conversation, not a commitment.

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