Platinum Chiropractic…

Conveniently located on Lake Michigan Drive, just minutes from downtown Grand Rapids, Platinum Chiropractic is the premiere Chiropractic office in the Grand Rapids’ area for Functional Correction.

At Platinum Chiropractic we strive to achieve a unique healing experience for everyone. We address each patient’s needs by correcting abnormal function in the spine with chiropractic care and Structural Rehab.

When the spine shifts, significant loss of function can occur. Limited mobility, lower quality of life, and recurring pain are all possible signs of problems in the spine.

Have you been dealing with health problems for a while and can’t seem to correct them?  Schedule a no charge consultation to see if we are the right office for you.  It’s a conversation, not a commitment.  Call today 616.419.4996


Dr. Daniel Hungerford