Why Chiropractic Care?

Save your Spine.

Spine pain can feel crippling and frustrating. Our solution, using Functional Correction, 50% pain relief office average in the first 3 weeks and 80% after 6 weeks with patients following recommendations, getting you back to your life as quickly as possible. (Not a guarantee, avg based on patient outcomes.)

Save your Time.

Having your time wasted feels degrading. Our solution eliminates this by having an average wait time of less than 7 minutes.

Save your Dime.

Have you felt resentment after a surprise bill in the mail?  Our solution eliminates this with up front, transparent fees. Including complimentary insurance verification. Peace of mind, knowing your benefits before you commit to anything.  

What are the most common conditions new patients need help with?

Sciatica – Is described as hot, radiating pain sensation that shoots down your leg. The most common cause of sciatica is a disc herniation. This severe pain can also include muscle weakness, muscle spasm, numbness or tingling. Although the pain can be intense, the loss of function and worrying about when life will return to normal, can cause fear and anxiety. Our Functional Spinal Exam identifies the problem areas and gives the best solution for your condition. Protect your spine by calling today.

Pregnancy pain – Back and hip pain are very common during pregnancy. Pregnant patients describe a variety of pain from pain at the belt-line, to sciatica, rib pain, and headaches. While the pain can be a burden, the loss of mobility, difficulty with self-care or child care can add stress to an already challenging time. The most common time for this is during a mother’s 3rd trimester. A combination of shifts in the spine, ligament laxity and inflammation can make the delivery much more difficult and time consuming. A Functional Spinal Exam can identify why you have pain and bring you peace of mind for a more comfortable, shorter, and less complicated birth.

Infant Check-Up – Increasingly parents are bringing in their newborns to check for problems in the spine. An infant undergoes a significant amount of stress during birth. A standard delivery puts an average of 80 lbs of pressure on a child’s neck. Unfortunately, most children’s spine are not evaluated for problems. The most common symptoms are difficulty breast feeding, difficulty turning their head, colic and sleep difficulty. Protect the spine of your child with a Functional Spinal Exam.

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