Infants & Children

“Bringing our child home from the hospital was supposed to be a warm family moment. It didn’t go as planned. Our child screamed as if he was in pain. The crying didn’t end. For 3 days the crying was non-stop. He had trouble breastfeeding and barely ate anything. He slept less than 2 hours in the first 3 days. We wondered if something had gone wrong. Was he in pain? When would the crying stop? Were we bad parents? By the time we called the Chiropractor we were exhausted.”

Problems with an infant’s head and neck are common following the birthing process. Conditions such as torticollis (where the infant’s head and neck are unable to turn because of muscle spasms) can be incredibly painful.

A Functional Spinal Exam can let you know what’s going on with your child’s spine. Helping you relax and getting life back to normal.

Save your spine. Save your time. Save your dime.

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