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INSIGHT Technology

Insight Subluxation Station

Insight Subluxation Station

Our Space Foundation certified INSIGHT Technology establishes a reliable, scientifically valid,
quantitative, multidimensional, representation of your patient’s condition – something never before
possible.  Chiropractors can now analyze a patient’s condition more accurately, communicate findings
more effectively – while allowing both the doctor and patient to track the effectiveness of treatment.

Patients often present with pain for care at our office. Just like a medical doctor will take measurements
to determine physical health such as temperature, blood pressure and weight, our office takes
measurements to determine spinal function.


The first test is done to measure inflammation along the patient’s spine.  Like most people you may have
hit your thumb before, possibly while closing a drawer or getting in and out of a car.  After an impact, your
thumb will increase in temperature, become tender and can be red or pink. This is a good example of
obvious inflammation. Since inflammation in the body often does not have pain, having technology to
measure inflammation is an elegant solution. The insight thermography test can detect signs of
inflammation down to a tenth of a degree.  Inflammation is a sign that the body is attempting to heal itself
and is helpful in measuring improvement in nervous system function.

Abnormal muscle tension

Another study performed is called Surface Electromyography.  This is a fancy way of saying it measures
the muscle tension in your back and neck.  Abnormal muscle tension along the spine can cause the spine
to shift out of alignment.  Measuring muscle function allows us to see performance improvements in the
spine and can help the chiropractor more accurately correct muscle patterns so you can hold your correct
alignment for longer periods of time.

High stress

Heart Rate Variability is a study used to determine how well the body’s nervous system is communicating
with itself.  Quite simply this technology can tell us if a patient is under significant stress and if that stress
is negatively affecting their health.  Research has shown that high heart rate variability is a good predictor
of longevity.