I got out of bed and went to tie my shoes because I was going to the gym. I leaned forward and a stabbing jolt of pain went down my left leg. I could barely stand and every step felt like an electric shock going from butt to my left calf. I teared up it hurt so bad.

I was strong. I was impressive at the gym, played basketball and could easily move furniture. Gone in a split second from bending over to tie my shoe. Will I recover? Is this Permanent? Do I need surgery? The pain was crippling although the worst part was not knowing if it would go away.”

Sciatica is the name for pain affecting the lower back, hip, and outer side of the leg, caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back, often owing to degeneration or injury of an intervertebral disc.

A Functional Spinal Exam can provide you with the information needed to recover from Sciatica. Our Functional Correction protocol has helped hundreds of people just like you get on with your life.

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