I was working at my computer and slowly noticed a shimmering twinkle in my vision. Looking down I had a small, circular, multicolored sphere that blocked my view. I thought that was weird and then the pain started.

Throbbing sharp pain in my temples. I closed my eyes and it was almost as if I could see my pain. I felt like I was going to throw up. I couldn’t focus. Everything bright like windows, computer screens, my phone or lights made the pain worse. Hearing a door close felt like a thunder clap. I tried massaging my temples, it didn’t help.

I eventually curled up on my couch and covered my face with a blanket. Slowly over what felt like hours I fell asleep.”

A Functional Spinal Exam can you tell you if your spine is making your migraines worse. Our Functional Correction protocol has helped hundreds of people just like you get on with your life. 

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